My last blog was in the Spring, at the time, I had been asked by Jonathan Murphy (COGS graduate) to write on the ‘myth of COGS’ for GoGeomatics. Since, we have been distracted by two other projects. The first was a National Survey for Esri Canada on the status of undergraduate GIS curriculum. We conducted an online survey of twenty four universities and ten community colleges. We produced a summary report and a set of recommendations. The second project was in support of the Georgetown, PEI conference on ‘Redefining rural’ hosted by the Atlantic Canada newspapers. Our contribution was ‘Road to Georgetown’ venue at COGS in May, where residents from Annapolis County described their rationale for rural living.

This was followed later in the Summer by a trek from Yarmouth to Georgetown, PEI (see r2gtrek.blogspot.ca) by myself, Heather Stewart and Edward Wedler.

Now, with those projects complete, it is time to return to the ‘story of COGS’. To date, we have submitted three chapters for peer review by COGS colleagues. We (Heather and myself) anticipate the final two chapters before Christmas. At that time, an electronic version will be available on this web site. It will be open for comments, suggestions and improvements. There are a number of possible complementary tasks however we will wait to see if there is an audience, both from alumni as well as from the NSCC.

I have reserved the ‘storyofCOGS’ domain from GoDaddy for one more year. This should allow lots of time for broader feedback.

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