Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – The Early Years

Chapter 2 – From NSLSI to COGS
Town and Gown
Bringing in Computer Technology
Designing computer programs
The first name change, College of Geographic Sciences (COGS)

Chapter 3- The College of Geographic Sciences Era
GIS and Remote Sensing
Keeping current with the GIS technology
Keeping current with the Remote Sensing technology
Relationship with industry
Relationship with the universities
Employment Opportunities
The Road to Ottawa
The Road to California
Changes to traditional programs
International Training
Computer Graphics program
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program
Information Technology (IT) programs
Remote Sensing program
Business Computer Programming program
The Support team at COGS
The Dramowicz story

Chapter 4 – COGS moves forward
The NSCC era
The second name change, Center of Geographic Sciences (COGS)
Changes in the administrative structure
Moving Information Technology (IT) programs to Middleton
A new curriculum framework
Applied Research
The NSCC Corporate model

Chapter 5 – Closing Reflections
Diversity of unique programs
Co-operative Projects
Fifty week format
Keeping current with technology
Intelligence Rescue program
COGS role in economic development.
Caring school culture


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