May Update

Annapolis Valley Scenic View

On May 4th Edward Wedler ( former RS instructor)  and I (former SCP instructor, Head of Department of Computer Programming) coordinated the Road to Georgetown Conference event at COGS in Lawerncetown. It was a one day event designed to help share ideas about rural economic development in the Annapolis Valley.

We collaborated together with David MacLean (current GIS faculty) to prepare a web application that will map the registered attendees. Philip Milo (ex-Survey instructor) presented a monologue on Major Church and the history of the Survey School in Lawrencetown. Please check if you would like to hear a podcast of Phillip’s presentation or listen to any of the other story tellers from the event.

Earlier this year Kathleen Stewart (current IT faculty) and her students developed a searchable online web application that features COGS alumni and their co-operative projects. The material in the database dates back to the early ’80s, when these types of projects were a major component of the diploma programs. She has been coordinating with Ted MacKinnon to create a similar database and add the functionality on the web site here for interested alumni to make use of.


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