Geographic pioneer was Acadia prof

Roger Tomlinson, the father of geographic information systems

The Chronicle Herald published the following article on February 19th titled “Geographic pioneer was Acadia prof Roger Tomlinson promoted his GIS system around the world” by Bob Maher.

Short excerpt from the article:

Roger Tomlinson, the father of geographic information systems (GIS), will be remembered by many in the  Annapolis Valley as somebody who helped cement the global reputation of a small Nova Scotia “survey school” whose graduates remain in demand around the world.

The six-foot-seven scientist arrived in Wolfville in 1959 to teach physical geography at Acadia University. His height and his flaming red beard ensured that he would attract immediate attention on the small rural campus but, more than half a century later, we remember his work that led to the development of modern mapping techniques and a multibillion dollar industry employing thousands worldwide.

Tomlinson eventually left Acadia …  continue reading 

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