Nova Scotia Land Survey Institute (NSLSI) Combined Class of Surveying and Photogrammetry 67/68 School Year

Here we have a photo of the combined class of Surveying and Photogrammetry from the 67/68 school year at Nova Scotia Land Survey Institute (NSLI) submitted to us by Bert Seely.

Back Row from left: Jim Grant, Gerry McGuire, Garnet Wentzell, Fred Hutchison, Albert Julian, John Henry Gaskin, Stuart MacPhee.

3rd Row from front (L-R): Eric Fahie, Gary Glenn, Greg Nicol, Lee JohnsonMervin Hartlen, Debbie Balcolm, Helen MacPhail, John Craig, George Sellers, Don Parker, Terry Dougue.

2nd Row from front (L-R): Bert Seely, Joe Cormier, Philip Milo (Instructor), James Doig (Principal),

William Chambers (Instructor), Fred Hingley.

First Row (L-R): Athol Grant, Danny Everett, Norval Higgins, Burt Cain, Ola Levesque, Richard Waugh.

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Today we have five photos from 1982 era including the Programming Class of 82, Lori Fash – Business ’82, Susan Bowles – Business ’82, Donna Bent, Bill O’Neill and Frances Balser.

If you have photos from past years at COGS and want to share them with the rest of COGS alumni then contact us and we will take care of it for you.

Simeon Roberts provided us with slides from the 1987 GIS Summer Institute, that we have scanned and included on the web site. The photos depict a canoe trip down the Annapolis River, as well as the traditional lobster boil on the Bay of Fundy.

In the photos I can identify Roger Tomlinson, Michael Goodchild, Peter Keller, Tat Ma. If we compare the photos to the GIS87 class list, there should be more.

If you can identify anybody in the photos then please us know.

NSLSI 1982

Here we have some students of the NSLSI busy at work back in 1982; featuring Leonard Landry, John Wightman, Ted Sharples (on the keyboard), Bob Maher, Pat Castel, Susan Hierlihy (and in the background Bill Power).

We know that there must be more gems like this out there, so if you have any great photos to share then let us know, we are interested in photographs, articles, stories and feedback from COGS alumni.

Here are some photos from the 2004 Broomball Tournament



Remote Sensing Class of '83

Back row (left to right): Don Jayasingha, Dennis Robinson, Marylou Everett, Steve Melvin, Robin Wyllie,  Linda Hall-Watts, Wanda Veres
Front row (left to right): Bert van Ingen, Larry Neily, Chris Morley, Din Mokhtar